Top 5 Facebook Groups for 360 photography and video enthusiasts

Top 5 Facebook Groups for 360 photography and video enthusiasts



If you are enthusiastic about 360 videos or panoramas and you want to mingle with your peers, these are the top 5 Facebook Groups that you can join.

1. Facebook 360 Community Group

over 39,000 members

Created on March 3rd 2016, Facebook 360 Community Group is the official group created by the Facebook team to promote 360 videos. With close to 39,000 members in 7 months, this is the group to be in. It is obvious that Facebook believes in the future of 360 videos and photography.

Group Description:

A place to come hear about updates directly from Facebook, to share thoughts and ideas around cool 360 experiences, and engage with the rapidly growing community of creators.

Brad Ferry – Growth Manager – Workplace by Facebook at Facebook
Caitlin Ramrakha – Product Marketing Manager at Facebook
Sherif Kassatly – Product Manager at Facebook
Marj Garrow – Facebook


2. Samsung Gear VR 360°

over 6,500 members

Started on September 25, 2015, Samsung Gear VR 360 is a niche group dedicated to the fans of 360 degree content.

Group Description:

With all of the memories we make, the 360 degree aspect allows everyone to see the world as you see it. Lets all band together in one place, in this group, to get all the content right here! Videos, Images, Yes a news story here and there but mostly 360 degree content. Lets see the world the way it was meant to be seen! All videos/images are property of their respective owners.

Kyle W. Harms

3. 360° VR Video Professionals

over 6,300 members

Created on February 9, 2014, 360 VR Video Professionals is a Community dedicated to professionals.

Group Description

360 video community for professionals and people interested in the field. This groups covers everything from single-shot mirrors to multi-cam arrays, from web, to personal immersive projections to full-dome productions. From concept, to camera tech, to shooting and editing, to deployment and streaming, and everything in between.

This is a moderated group, off topic or disruptive posts will be deleted by the group admins. Posts without relevant content (i.e. gear and location pictures without editorial) will be deleted as well.

If you are interested in joining, make sure your profile indicates interest in the field. If your profile does not show anything related to 360 VR, your request will be ignored.


Ryan Whitehead – 360° Creative Director – VR Supervisor at Digital Domain
Joergen Geerds – Chief Executive Officer at Koncept VR


4. Ricoh THETA Users on Facebook

over 4,700 members

Started on October 25, 2013 this group is dedicated to the Users of the Ricoh Theta Cameras. The Thetas are one of the most popular 360 cameras due to the portable format.

Group Description:

This group is for the discussion and sharing of content specially created using the Ricoh THETA 360° panoramic photography camera.

Gavin D Farrell – Host at The Panographers
Alexandre Jenny – Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro
Richard Broo – CEO & Founder at Wemersive
Denis Gadbois – Director of MFA Programs at University of Calgary

Aaron Priest – Panographer/Timelapser at Aaron Priest Photography


5. 360 Panorama Photos and Videos

over 2,400 members

Started on July 6, 2016. 360 Panorama Photos and Videos was started by enthusiasts. The goal of the group is to share individual creations, panoramic photos and videos created by users.

Group Description:

When you upload your 360 image, please add in the camera you used to take your panorama, and a location and country as well. Thank you. Explore photos in 360°
These are the top 5 Groups with the highest number of members that are covering 360 photography, videos and cameras. If you are interested in this subject, you should check them out.
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