Multi Camera Setups for 360 videos


While the amateur market is filling up with the cheap 360 cameras, the pro’s are keeping it real with Multi Camera setups. 2, 3, 4, 5,6 cameras sometimes even up to 14, mostly GoPro because of their performance during action scenes, mounted together to capture all the angles of the scene. The prices for these gears vary from the low 300’s up to 5000 – 6000 dollars. Cameras not included.

One company that is really focused on this multi camera support market isĀ Freedom360

With accessories like multi camera mounts, poles, tripods, stabilizers, Freedom 360 is a leader in this market.

Of course working with something like this is challenging and all the captured images would be nothing without the Software. Freedom 360 is offering Software products to help with the post editing.

If one really wants to get the details of every angle, add more cameras. 360RizeĀ is taking it to the next level. With setups that can take up to 14 cameras, this hobby can become expensive.

Their Top of the line product 360Orb (Pro24), a monster setup with …you guessed it 24 GoPro cameras.

Only 1770 $. Not too bad. Oh wait…. you also need 24 GoPro’s So at ~500$ a piece… hmm…14k

But what a setup. Imagine wearing that on your head while walking around in a crowded place.

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