The Super 360 Cameras

When talking 360 cameras, most of us think of affordable ones that you could buy from your local BestBuy or from amazon for 200-500$. But the professionals have other options. These are a few o the non-affordable ones. Sit back, relax and enjoy the line-up:

Nokia OZO – 45,000$

Nokia OZO
Nokia OZO



At a price of 45,000 $, Nokia OZO is a little monster of a camera with 8 2K x 2K synchronized sensors. Full spherical coverage as well as full-spherical audio coverage due to the omni-directional solid state audio sensor.


A media module connects into the camera with a capacity of 500 Gb Solid state drive and a 45 minute recording time

Under the partnership, Sony Pictures will use Ozo to capture, create, edit, and distribute VR content. The studio will also integrate the Ozo Player SDK into Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Privilege Plus app on Google Play.

Facebook Surround 360 – 30,000$

Facebook Surround 360



Equipped with 14 wide angle cameras on a horizontal ring and to top it up (pun intended) 1 fish eye lens on top and 2 on bottom for complete spherical coverage

In order to ensure that all these camera capture all the pixels in sync, it is equipped with a global shutter.

This camera is Open Source, all the components and the specifications are available on GitHub. The camera is not for sale. One cannot buy a fully assembled camera. However, using the instructions and the list of components, one can build it in 3-4 hours (according to the Facebook Team) The initial cost of the components was 30,000$.

Google Odyssey – Google JUMP rig- 15,000$

Google Odyssey






Google took a more practical approach. Using 16 GoPro cameras and a rig they developed to hold and sync all called JUMP, they created a camera called GoPro Odyssey. all this comes at a price range of 15,000 $ but it is not available for purchase. If you are interested, you have to register with Google JUMP project and they will make it available to you if you qualify. Google will be the one to determine the qualification criteria.

Samsung Project Beyond – no price released yet

Samsung Project Beyond
Samsung Project Beyond






With one more camera than Google, Samsung Project Beyond assembles 16 cameras plus 1 into a rig they call OmniView. Since this product is still in development, Samsung has not yet announced the availability of the consumer version of Project Beyond nor the price at which it will be made available to the consumer market.  However, an “Innovator Edition” of the Project Beyond will be available in early December, which means you’ll still be able to get it. We’ll have to wait a few months to see how affordable is the device.